Nicotine..? Where to buy and What to buy

Does everest vape sell nicotine?  Unfortunately No.

It is prohibited in Australia to sell or supply nicotine in any e-liquid mix or as a base liquid itself. However-  it is legal to import base nicotine for your own personal use from New Zealand or the States . This way you can order from overseas up to three months personal supply (loosely governed), 100-200ml bottle will last you 6-12 months supply based on your personal consumption of course.
WHAT TO BUY?  You will want to purchase 100MG strength un-flavoured base nicotine in a PG base, this way you will be adding the lowest amount to your flavoured ejuice- the reason being is the less you need to add, the best chance you have to not distort your flavour profile. PG (propylene glycol) base is a lot easier to mix. Remember to store your Nicotine in the fridge or freezer and keep out of direct sunlight.
WHERE TO BUY? We personally use mixology vape located in New Zealand, we have used there service many times and have yet to find a problem. Here is a link to un-flavoured nicotine from mixology- MIXOLOGY UN-FLAVOURED NIC
USE DISCOUNT CODE  everestvape  for 20% off your             un-flavoured nicotine.
Here is a chart below to guide you with how much nicotine to add to your bottle, generally 3-6mg in a direct to lung DTL device is normal, you can double this if you are using a mouth to lung MTL device. Remember- just because you might have smoked 12 milligram cigarettes does not mean you will add 12mg of nicotine to an ejuice.
E-cigarettes and vaporisers produce much more vapour (smoke) than a standard cigarette, therefore the nicotine hit is increased which requires you to use less nicotine, do you follow?
  • 1-2 MG Whats the point? Go without.
  • 3-6 MG is considered the norm.
  • 6-9 MG is giving you a substantial hit of nicotine.
  • 9-12 MG WOW your getting a little light headed and dizzy.
  • 12 MG+ Stop what you are doing and reflect on the bad choice you  have made!
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